Record-breaking birth: New Prague native’s triplets tip scale at 20 pounds

A New Prague native gave birth to triplets last month, and may be headed to the Guinness Book of U.S. Records.

Brittany Miller Deen, daughter of Dr. Tim and Deb Miller of New Prague, gave birth to Sidney, Jenson and Elliot Deen. The three tipped the scales at a combined weight of 20 pounds and one ounce. Guinness currently recognizes 18 pound, 11 ounces as the record for total combined weight of triplets. Paperwork has been filed with Guinness, and it could take several months before the record is certified.

Brittany, an oncology nurse in Sacramento, CA, learned early this year that she was pregnant. She and her husband Jason had decided that they were going to have just one child, and were stunned to find out early in their pregnancy that they would be having triplets.

According to Brittany’s mother Deb, there were no fertility drugs involved. She said there was no record of triplets in either family, though both her family and her husband’s have twins in their family trees.

“From the outset, they knew this would be a daunting challenge,” Deb said. “Britta took on the job of her life, researching and learning what would be necessary to bring about healthy outcomes.”

Her obstetrician referred her to Sutter Memorial Hospital, which is the center of high risk multiple births in Northern California. The nutritionist at the center told her that getting enough nutrition would be the key.

She said it was “not humanly possible” to consume the amount of food necessary to carry multiples to term.” Lack of sufficient nutrition is often the reason for premature births.

Brittany met the task with fervent determination, Deb said. “She was eating foods and drinking liquids with max protein, max calories and max fat as frequently as possible, even when not hungry. She put on 85 pounds during the pregnancy (and had already lost 55 as of last week). She still continued to exercise and worked as long as possible.

This became challenging late in the pregnancy, Deb said. “It was challenging to walk any distance, and even breathe the last couple months,” she said. “But Brit continued her positive focus with normal daily life.”

She said her goals were threefold - to carry the pregnancy to 37 weeks (40 weeks is considered term for a single baby pregnancy), to do sowithout being hopitalized on bed rest and to walk into the hospital for delivery on her own power.

She was told that typically, triplets deliver by 32 weeks, with the mother often on bedrest both at home and later in the hospital.

“Amazingly, she attained each of those goals,” Deb said. On November 8 she walked into the surgical suite at Sutter Memorial and delivered by Caesarian Section three healthy babies.

Shortly after the birth, they learned of the possible Guinness record. The hospital asked if they could arrange a small press conference announcing the births. Expecting a handful of press members to show up, they were amazed to find between 30 and 40 people, with lights, cameras and more. The Associated Press has distributed the story throughout the world and the Deens appeared on the ABC show Good Morning America.

The Millers flew to California shortly after the birth, and Deb remained in Sacramento for several weeks to help Brittany get settled in at home. The mother and all three boys are doing well.

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