The Recount II

By Chuck Kajer

In the past week, we've been hit with talk about another statewide recount. Just two years after Norm Coleman and Al Franken's U.S. Senate race dragged on for eight months after election day, the race for governor in Minnesota appears headed for a recount.

Less than 9,000 votes mark the difference between Tom Emmer and Mark Dayton, with Dayton holding a lead of less than one-half of one percent, the threshold for a mandatory recount.

Some parties have pointed to the recount and somehow blaming some group or official for another recount, as if a recount is a bad thing. They are quick to blame the Secretary of State or Independence Party Candidate Tom Horner or election officials for the close result.

The fact of the matter is that the recount is simply a reflection of the close nature of this race. To blame another candidate for siphoning off votes from one candidate is absurd. It is anyone's right to run for office, and anyone's right to cast their ballot for whoever they wish.

Minnesota's election laws require that two election judges - one from each party - handle ballots. These same election judges oversee all aspects of voting, from the registration process to voter sign in and reporting.

The recount will give the news media and political pundits from all points of view something to talk about for the next month or so. Hopefully, the process ends quickly and Minnesota can move on with its new governor, whoever he turns out to be.

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