Residents reminded of snowmobile rules

With snow on the ground, many New Prague residents have been getting out their snowmobiles, so now is a good time to check area ordinances to find out where the winter vehicles can go and at what speeds they can travel.

Local and state trails officially opened on Monday, Dec. 1. In the area, there are nearly 40 miles of local trails, part of a network of nearly 22,000 miles of trails criss-crossing the state.

While snowmobile enthusiasts can enjoy their sport on the trails, there are rules for their use in the city. In New Prague a snowmobile user can use a roadway if they are going in a direct route from their residence or the storage spot of the vehicle to where a snowmobile can be used. A snowmobile can not be used in the city between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. except going to or returning from an evening ride.

Among the following restrictions in New Prague, it is unlawful to operate a snowmobile:

* on private property without the permission or consent of the owner or occupant;

* on the boulevard of any public street;

* on a sidewalk, except that a direct crossing may be made in the same manner as provided for direct crossing of a city street;

* at a rate of speed in excess of 15 miles per hour;

* other than single file on a roadway;

* other than at the extreme right-hand side of a roadway along the curb;

* on publicly owned land, including school and park property, playgrounds, golf courses and cemeteries;

* within 100 feet of any church property, nursing home, hospital, skating rink or sliding area, or where it interferes with the use of the area or endangers people or property;

* to tow any person or object except through using a tow bar on the back of the snowmobile;

* to intentionally chase, run over or kill any animal.

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