The show goes on

By Patrick Fisher, Staff Writer

There are those moments in life when you get a second chance at trying something. For me the most recent example is a play I'm in with the Chaska Civic Theatre.

It's a comedy called Something's Rotten in the State of Denmark. It's a farce of Shakespeare's Hamlet that gets a little serious at times (not really). I also don't think Shakespeare would have included a scary fairy or a large rabbit in his plays.

The beginning of this production actually has its roots around this time last year. The cast had been chosen and we had begun practices when the venue we were going to perform in closed suddenly. We kept practicing in a different location while the theatre tried to find another spot, but it wasn't to be...At least not then.

In December I received a message that Chaska Civic Theatre was going to do the show again and was I interested in participating. I didn't take long to say yes. Thankfully, the majority of the cast was also able to return. Our cast and crew include people from Jordan, Chaska and the surrounding Twin Cities area.

Since January we've been busy working on the show, getting our lines down, practicing our entrances, exits and figuring out costumes. We've also had quite a bit of fun.

All of us in Something's Rotten are glad to have a second chance to do this play. Last year, we seemed to be hitting our stride with the comedy and the staging when we had to stop. Of course, like anything with life, when you go back to it, there are changes. We're trying some different staging, lines and there's a slight change to a character even if the same person is playing it.

So whenever life throws you a second chance at something, more often than not, it's a good idea to take it.

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