Slip sliding away

Students at TCU Montgomery Elementary had the chance to run, jump, slide and bounce at the Big Blast party on Wednesday, Jan. 23. The party is organized every year to reward the students for their part in the fall Parent Teacher Organization fund raiser. First grader Kendall Prchal and her classmates were excited to be active, especially since recess was held indoors last week because of the extremely cold weather. (Lori Nickel Photo)

After a week of sub-zero temperatures and indoor recess, what could be more fun than running and playing on an inflatable playground? The students at Montgomery Elementary School were able to experience just that at the Big Blast Party on Wednesday, Jan. 23. 

As part of the party, the students took turns by grade playing on a huge inflatable slide, obstacle course, bouncy house and running bungy. The music was loud and the energy was high as the kids ran back and forth to experience the fun over and over again. 

The party is planned every year by the TCU Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for students in kindergarten through fourth grades as a celebration for the money they raised in the fall fundraiser. Several parents volunteered time throughout the day to help the teachers supervise the children on the inflatables. 

“The Big Blast was really fun,” stated PTO parent Lisa Schroeder. “The kids loved it.”

She explained that the students did a great job with the fundraiser that will pay for transportation for field trips throughout the school year. While she didn’t have specifics on how much money was raised, she said it was comparable to last year. She added that the party was a great time and the PTO is planning on organizing the fundraiser again next fall. Lonsdale Elementary will have their Big Blast party on Friday, Feb. 8.