Snow cover changes things on area lakes

By Bill Bartusek

So far this winter, ice anglers have had it pretty easy. Moving about the lake ice wasn’t difficult and with very little snow. That will change now. Snow has covered the ice, making things a little harder. You’ll need a shovel now to find clear ice to shoot sonar through. Some cars will have a tough time driving through the deep snow. Where there are deep drifts near fishing shacks, water may also be a problem. The heavy snow will force snow on top of the ice so you will have to block them up.

However, it will be easy to bank fishhouses with snow. That’s important. It keeps you warmer inside and keeps the ice holes from freezing shut.

The fish don’t have a problem with the snow and darkness. They adjust quickly and go about their business as normal.

The snow did excite the snowmobilers. Their sleds had been sitting idle all winter unless they were loaded for a trip north. Now with the fresh snow, they were going wild. This will help the local economy as small bars will have more business as riders move about. Area dealers will also have more sales and repairs as sleds get banged up on the trails.

The final week of January is here and the game fish season is quickly drawing to an end. There are only about three weeks left.

It’s time to get out on the ice and enjoy the big fish season before it’s over. It is a tougher time to catch fish as the easy ones have been caught and the educated ones are left for us. Anglers will have to use all their skills to fool their fish.

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