A somber reminder

Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon served as a somber reminder that we can never be too vigilant in protecting ourselves.

The bombing, which killed three and injured and maimed hundreds, has been labelled an act of terrorism, and was the first successful terror attack on US Soil since the hijackings on September 11, 2001. As of this writing we don’t know who is responsible for this. That in itself is unusual - most terrorist groups are quick to take the credit for acts like these. We don’t know if the person or persons who did this are foreign terrorists or home-grown.

Officials, from Boston Police on up to the President, have vowed to find the perpetrators. Hopefully, they can do it before another incident takes place.

In the meantime, we should celebrate the actions of so many who were at the scene of the bombing and did what they could to help. The first responders, runners, race officials... Countless people who helped to tend to the injured. The word “hero” gets tossed around too easily these days, but in this case, they truly were heroes. Knowing that two bombs had already gone off, they had no way of knowing if there was another bomb set to go off nearby, yet they still went out and helped those who needed it.

The United States does need to be careful, but we cannot stop caring. 

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