A successful hunt

After what seemed like an eternity, the 3B deer season finally arrived. I don't know who was happier, Brenda or I. Brenda claimed I was in rut for two weeks before the season opened.

I'm not sure why but I was really anticipating the deer hunt. Maybe it had to do with the boys doing so well at the farm that got me going. I had my gear laid out for two weeks when Friday, Nov 21, finally arrived. I was waiting for good friend Eugene Palma to pick me and neighbor Steve Fisher up for the trip. Gene was joining us for the hunt in Southeast Minnesota for the first time. He would bring his fish house for us to sleep in during our stay. Finally, we were off!

After a short drive we were unpacking in Rushford. To fire us up even more we checked stands and drove around the area counting deer before dark. How many did we see? I guess about 50.

We awoke early Saturday morning to a light snow. It was just perfect. Joining us was my son Joe and host Shane Raveling. I got into my stand and the hunt was on. Joe scored first, harvesting two deer around 7 a.m. Next it was my turn. Around 8 a.m. several deer headed my way. I was lucky to get three. That was it for Saturday. Sunday the weather was the same, except the snow was gone. It was my turn again. Several deer approached around 7 a.m. I was able to harvest two big does. Next it was Gene's turn. A nice buck came running by and Gene made a great shot to harvest his Buck. A short time later another deer approached. This deer had a broken leg and Gene also dispatched it, bringing our total to nine. We decided we had enough venison so we headed home Sunday night. Everyone was thrilled except our host farmer, who had hoped we'd harvest more. Thanks to Shane Raveling and family for a great hunt!

Now Thanksgiving has past and the ice fishing season is here! More next week.

Be careful on the new ice!

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