Summer is a brief season, but it keeps dragging on!

What a crazy year this has been! After a wet and cool spring, some hot weather followed when it was supposed to be here, then a real cool spell in late July (Kolacky Days), followed by another warmup (actually a heat wave) in August. Here we are into September, and another shot of warm weather is predicted toward the end of this week. Who knows what the rest of the late summer/fall season will bring, but we are hoping for some nice weather for an extended period of time, making up for what many people consider a very short summer.
Watching or listening to the news almost daily has some bad weather or other disasters happening all over the country. To mention only a few would include flooding, the horrible wildfires, and hail coming down so heavy it needed plows to clear the streets and highways. We have experienced a dangerous heat wave the last week of August (right during the State Fair), but if people were careful they will survive and have other things to talk about.
Always speaking with tongue in cheek because something else could happen before the ink gets dry on your newspaper, but this area again almost seems to have a protective dome above which has been putting really bad weather far away, and not in the vicinity of Le Sueur, Scott and Rice counties. 
If this is somehow true to any extent, let’s hope that dome stays here, only allowing us to have some badly needed rainfall. That may be a big and almost impossible order to fill, but let’s go for it as long as things are going our way.
Thanks Mr. Weatherman and Mrs. Weatherlady, we do appreciate your kindness, but we will continue to hint and actually plead for at a nice rainfall soon!
At least one successful farmer has often said, “Don’t worry, Mother Nature will take care of things.” However, Mother has a way of making us a little nervous, since we understand that the crop producers in the area need some nice finishing moisture to reward their efforts. 
Great Start Titans
The Tri-City United football team had a very successful start to their 2013 season Friday night with a big 35-8 win over the Waterville-Elysian-Morristown Bucs. Great start for one of our teams. Good luck to all throughout their seasons!
From an Old Timer: “Before sitting down to wait for your ship to come in, be sure you have sent one out.”

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