Summer is no vacation for operations crew

By Tim Rybak, Operations Director

Have you ever wondered what happens to the school buildings from the Operations Department point of view during the summer?

Imagine if you will, it is June 6, 2005. The halls are empty, the classrooms quiet, and the lockers bare. For the 2004-2005 student population, the year has ended, but for the remaining staff, the work has just begun.

All those classrooms, hallways, lockers, etc. need to be cleaned, re-arranged and sometimes moved to a new location. We accomplish this task by pulling together the custodial staff of approximately 18 people and six student helpers.

A cleaning schedule is set up in advance and each building takes about two weeks to clean from top to bottom.

Along with the usual summer cleaning, gym floors will be resurfaced from August 1-8. In addition to the inside cleaning, outside maintenance is also happening. Can you imagine cutting 80 acres of grass each week? This is accomplished with two staff members running mowers constantly.

Now, what would you imagine the school district orders for cleaning products for the entire year? Here are just a few examples:

• 80 cans of chewing gum remover

• 24 five-gallon pails of floor wax stripper

• 40 five-gallon pails of floor wax

• 56 one-and-a-half gallon containers of window cleaner

• 128 gallons of liquid hand soap

• 60 cans of graffiti remover

• 1000 vacuum bags

• 252 pounds of rags

• 640 cases of single fold paper towels

After all the hard work of our cleaning staff, on September 1, 2005, the classrooms will be clean, the hallways waxed and the lockers spotless and we will be ready for the next group of 3,100 students.

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