Swim team loses to Hutch, places 6th at Prior Lake

The Montgomery-Lonsdale/New Prague swim team faced stiff competition last week when they matched talents with five other teams at the Prior Lake Invitational and in a dual meet at two-time defending state Class A champion Hutchinson.

Prior Lake Invitational

The M-L/NP team had a return trip to Prior Lake Saturday for the annual Prior Lake Invitational, after losing a dual meet to the Lakers in early September.

Coach Josh Franz said there were many strong teams at the competition, including the host Lakers, who went on to take first place in their home meet.

The Lakers had 352 points, followed by Mankato West (326), Simley (197),Watertown-Mayer/Delano (159), St. Peter (135) and MLNP (76)

Franz said the first year diving of Melanie Deutsch continued to be impressing as she led the way for the Redbirds to take fifth place.

He added that Jenna Baer is starting to show some improvement after a long illness.

“I hope that she will finally start to be her self again in the coming meets,” he said.

Also at the meet, Franny Zins has the best performance of the year in the 500-yard freestyle.

The results

200 medley relay - 6th 2:18.40 – Jenna Baer, Katie Trewartha, Lindsay Jirik, Brittani Bohlke

200 freestyle - 20th Lindsay Jirik 2:28.05 ; 22nd Franny Zins 2:44.42; 23rd Allison Johnston, 2:41.40; 24th Cassie Hartwig, 2:49.77.

200 individual medley - 19th Katie Trewartha 2:53.16; 22nd Brooke Maxfield 3:00

50 freestyle - 13th Brittani Bohlke, :28.84; 20th Erin Hammes, :30.20; 21st Alicia Jirik, :30.39.

100 butterfly - 14th Erin Hammes, 1:17.62; 17th Brooke Maxfield 1:24.16

100 freestyle - 19th Jenna Baer 1:06.40; 22nd Alicia Jirik, 1:08.47; 23rd Amber Mullen, 1:13.22

500 freestyle - 14th Lindsay Jirik, 6:42.57; 19th Franny Zins, 7:13.38; 21st Cassie Hartwig, 7:30.76

200 freestyle relay - 6th Erin Hammes, Brittani Bohlke, Jenna Baer, Alicia Jirik, 2:01.93

100 back stroke - 14th Jenna Baer, 1:14.03

100 breaststroke - 10th Brittani Bohlke, 1:21.27; 19th Katie Trewartha, 1:28.32

400 freestyle relay - 5th – Alicia Jirik, Lindsay Jirik, Erin Hammes, Katie Trewartha, 4:51.05

Diving - 5th Melanie Deutsch, 216.50; 8th Laura Busch, 178.70; 11th Brittany Prochaska, 157.50; 14th Samantha Shultz, 114.20.

Tigers 91, Redbirds 69

The Redbirds faced off against traditionally strong Hutchinson. Their experience was felt with the Montgomery and New Prague team.

“The strong state champion swimmers were too much for the smaller Redbirds swimming and diving team to over come,” said Franz.

On a positive note, Deutsch is on a hot streak, according to Franz as the first-year diver won yet another diving competition.

The results

200 medley relay - 3rd Jenna Baer, Katie Trewartha, Erin Hammes, Brittani Bohlke, 2:18.03; 5th Danielle Barten, Kellie Bohlke, Cassie Hartwig, Jamie Beckius, 2:46.54

200 freestyle - 1st Lindsay Jirik, 2:23.42; 4th Allison Johnston, 2:41.49

200 individual medley - 4th Katie Trewartha, 2:54.77

50 freestyle - 2nd Brittani Bohlke, :28.85; 5th Alicia Jirik, :29.73; 6th Erin Hammes, :30.49.

Diving - 1st Melanie Deutsch, 4th; Laura Busch, 129.65; 6th Brittani Prochaska, 121.65

100 butterfly - 4th Erin Hammes, 1:16.54; 5th Cassie Hartwig, 1:41.23.

100 freestyle - 4th Alicia Jirik, 1:08.73.

500 freestyle - 4th Lindsay Jirik 6:38.23; 5th Franny Zins, 7:21.

100 backstroke - 1st Danielle Barten, 1:35.22.

100 breaststroke - 1st Brittani Bohlke 1:22.25 ; 2nd Katie Trewartha 1:24.38; 3rd Kellie Bohlke, 1:47.73.

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