Taking a break

This is MEA break and there’s no better time to enjoy these final days of fall than by picking apples, raking leaves, and –– Christmas shopping? Yes, Christmas shopping. According to an article I recently read, most of us start our holiday shopping in October. Way before Halloween. It explained that it’s a budgeting strategy to spread out the spending. 

Personally, I haven’t even thought about Halloween, let alone Christmas. Throw in Alli’s 16th birthday party next week and it’s the perfect storm of chaos and disorganization at our house. (It usually is.) 

The article also explained why this shopping season may be a bummer for retailers. Many government employees aren’t receiving paychecks, which doesn’t bring holly, jolly feelings toward spending. 

I just know that as the kids get older, I’m spending more on everyday “wants” for them, including gas for the car, money to spend shopping or to go out to eat, birthday presents for friends, and then there’s Cody’s college expenses. Bah humbug.

So my plan this pre-Halloween/Holiday season? Enjoy the fall MEA break and take each day as it comes. And when Christmas does roll around, it’s gift cards to our favorite local hangouts. Done.

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