TCU beefs up athletic services

The TCU school district will be taking better care of athletes after the school board approved on Monday to enhance its athletic training services starting with the next school year.
The proposal was brought by activities director Greg Feddema and calls for Mayo Clinic Health System to provide a certified athletic trainer and/EMT before and during sporting events. Feddema stated that TCU offers limited services compared to other schools in the Minnesota River Conference. The district offers trainers for football, wrestling and the TCU track invitational.
“There’s no doubt we’re behind what other schools in the MRC offer,” he said, and recalled incidents during a volleyball and a junior high football game last year that emphasized the need for the more trainer services.
The new plan calls for trainers to be at all home varsity football and volleyball games, girls and boys basketball games and wrestling meets. Athletic services will also be offered one day a week in the TCU’s athletic training room from 3 to 5 p.m. Feddema said the weekday would probably be Mondays because it would follow Friday night’s football game.
He said any athlete who is playing the sport can see the trainer if there is an injury. He added that other TCU athletes could also see the trainer whether the athlete is participating in the sport or not.
He said the proposal doesn’t include any spring sports, but those could be added down for a per event fee of $30 per hour.
The district will pay $5,580 for the services, which Feddema said was middle of the road compared to other schools. 
The motion was passed unanimously, and board chair Liz Krocak called it, “peace of mind”.
Other board action
The board dissolved the wrestling cooperative with Cleveland Public Schools. Feddema said the request came from Cleveland’s superintendent, Brian Phillips,  who cited lack of interest and participation from his athletes.
The board also approved tenure for the following TCU teachers after the recommended number of formal and informal observations throughout the school year:
Katie Bartyzal
Megan Barta
Maggie Jirik
Chris Kraimer
Dorothy Lewis
Jon Megahan
Heather meyers
Leah Rode-Mulder
Patty Sullivan
Jennifer Tuma
Ann Washa
Jessica Weller
The board also presented Superintendent Matt Helgerson with a gift for his years of service with the district. Krocak said when the communities were talking about the consolidation, Helgerson was integral in the communication process. She also reminded everyone how he stepped into his job in the middle of massive building constructions and the school district consolidation. 
“Matt has always been honest and fair, and he doesn’t waiver on his convictions,” she said.
On behalf of the board, she also wished him luck in his new position as superintendent with the Jordan School District that he will begin on July 1. 

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