There’s plenty to enjoy this time of year

Man, what a difference a week can make. Hard rain, cold weather and howling winds were all part of this past weekend. It was probably good weather for duck hunting as they seem to love miserable weather.

I was rained out Friday so I, Brenda, and grandma headed for Aitkin and the cabin. We arrived about 5 p.m., just as the sun was clearing the day long clouds. The wind blew hard as I mowed lawn and did my other cabin chores. We started the woodburner for the first time this fall to chase the chill from the cabin.

Tony and Becky Schwering arrived later that night and we hit the sack.

Saturday dawned windy and cold. It was below 30 degrees as we jetted across the lake to the cabin side to fish. I didn’t expect much action after a major cold front like this. I was wrong as we caught lots of pike. However, most were small. The big boys weren’t very active.

We spent the rest of the day cutting wood for next winter and got a good campfire going that night. The next day we fished, cut more wood, and relaxed. The otters came to the dock early and gave my new fish cage a going over. But they didn’t succeed and the fish remained unscathed.

A large mink also snooped around the cabin. I imagine he was looking for one of our resident chipmunks. We have three, Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

Our bird feeders were busy too. The action is starting to pick up, as birds begin to migrate. The fall colors are about 50 percent, but many of the early turning leaves blew off this past weekend. Next weekend will be a whole lot better. Sunny and mid-70s is the forecast. Don’t miss it.

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