Time to bundle up...again

By Patrick Fisher, Staff Writer

The month of November is nearly over and that means - if it's a typical winter, it will be time for us to bundle up in sweaters and winter jackets.

I know a few people have already broken out their warmer jackets with the temperatures dropping into the 30s. For me, it depends on whether there's a cold wind blowing, if the temperature has dropped below freezing and if I'm going to be outside for very long. There's also the old adage about dressing in layers, which is always a good idea whether you're out for a hike, hunting or some other fall or early winter activity.

If the two days of snow we've already had are any indication, I think we may have a more old-fashioned winter. I'm talking about the ones where the snow piled up, instead of a few years ago, where it snowed and then melted away within a few days. The mention of winter probably caused a few groans, but when it comes to winter in Minnesota I prefer the type where the snow starts coming down in late November, early December at the latest, and sticks around.

I like the type of winter where it snows so much, it leaves little doubt that we will have a white Christmas. A winter where you go out driving in the countryside and the fields are just one long expanse of white. When the temperatures do go up, it's not enough to melt all the snow away. Where the sun sparkles off the snow that it almost hurts the eyes to look at it.

A winter where a walk in the snow can create various sounds depending on the weather conditions. There's the soft crunch from your boots that can be heard when you go out during a light snowfall. On the other end, there's the sharp snap created from walking in an area where a heavy crust of snow hides the fact that it's a foot or more deep.

I prefer the type of winter where the wind can either make the snow float about, or drive it so hard it stings as it hits your face. The type of winter wind that one day seems to gently push you along and the next can hit with such cold that it steals your breath away. At times it can feel exhilarating, other times it makes some of us question why we're living here.

I enjoy a winter where we bundle up in layers whether we're staying inside or going out into the weather. Some of us will throw on warm and comfy sweaters, not caring that the designs on them went out of fashion long ago. Others of us will insist on wearing the latest trend of clothing even if it's not meant for winter wear.

That's the type of winter I'm hoping for.

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