Treats or Tricks? We’ll have to see

Changes are coming for Main Street in New Prague. In a little over two years, the City and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will be reconstructing Main Street, which is also Highway 19/13. The work will begin at the intersection of Highway 21 on the west to the intersection of Seventh Avenue SE.

This is one of those times when a story affects me also. I live and work on Main Street, in fact I probably have one of the shortest commutes a person can have. OK, anyone who works from home, you do have a shorter commute. For me it’s just a short walk across Main Street. The thing is, I’ve seen how reconstruction of a street can be messy. Enough rain and what was a dirt road becomes an avenue of mud. I’ve recently halfjoked that I should invest in a pair of rain boots or galoshes for those days. This has led to some thoughts about getting overshoes or the full boots. During the recent open house for business owners and residents I asked a few questions, especially where I may have to cross. It turns out a good route may be where Main Street overlaps with Columbus Avenue. My fi rst thought was that I may have to get going a few minutes earlier in the morning. It all depends on how much of a roundabout way I may have to take to get from home to work. It could be considered a comment about how life throws us detours every once in a while. If we see them coming we can plan for them, other times we just have to accept them and roll on as best as possible.

Boy Scouts

For some one of the big news item has been the announcement of the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of American including girls into their programs. Understandably the Girl Scouts of America are not happy about this. My opinion is that each organization has something to offer.

Growing up, my brothers and I were in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and my sister was in the Girl Scouts. We all gained the highest honor that each respective group had to offer. Our parents were involved with both groups. All four of us had the chance to go camping on either weekend trips or longer ones.

I realize there are changes in life and if we lived in a perfect world Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts might be working toward a more unifi ed organization. The thing is our world is far from perfect. It’s one where many of us are trying to build paths toward equality and those paths either prove to be rough ones or they sometimes don’t meet up, as there are differing ideas about equality. The important thing is trying to reach a point where those paths converge at least. It’s taken a long time to get to this point in the path and it’s going to take more time to get those paths to meet up.


In less than a week Halloween will be here, although many groups will have activities over this coming weekend.  There will be prizes, candy, costumes, stories, candy, parties, haunted houses and did I mention there will be candy? As you might guess, when I was a child, candy was a big part of Halloween. Of course, it was also back in the time when you could get home wrapped treats from neighbors such as popcorn balls, caramel covered apples, rice krispie bars and fudge. Candy is still a big part of Halloween for many trick-or-treaters, although some of their parents are as much into celebrating as they are. Instead of candy they go for helping with a haunted house or decorating their home so it looks like a haunted house or trying to fi nd or make a great costume for a party.

I’ll admit that in one way I do share one thing in common with some on Halloween in that I do dress up for parties and sometimes the day itself. Some of you have seen me as a pirate on Halloween. The reason I do it is because it’s a way to have a little fun. Life has many serious moments and, in my opinion, each person needs to fi nd a way to unwind that, more often than not, gives others a chance to smile a little.

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