Trojan wrestlers face tough competition, win 2 of 5

The New Prague Trojan wrestling team faced some tough competition last week, winning two of five matches during a two-day span. New Prague beat Dassel-Cokato and St. Cloud Apollo, and lost to Windom Area, Scott West and Rocori.

The team will host Hutchinson in a dual meet Thursday, Jan. 13, and on Saturday they head to Stillwater to compete in the Stillwater Invitational. On Thursday, Jan. 20, they wrestle at Prior Lake.

Cobras 54, Trojans 20

The Trojans won two of the first three matches, taking an 11-5 lead with Mike Minette getting a pin and Travis Rutt a technical fall. But Windom won the next four matches to go up 27-11.

Justin Turek won by pin and Eric Olson got a decision to make it 27-20, but Windom got four straight pins and a decision to win the match.

Windom Area 54, New Prague 20

103—Stevens (W) tech fall E. Pendergast; 112—Minette (NP) pinned Fischenich 1:18; 119—Rutt (NP) tech fall Jones; 125—Bergendahl (W) pinned Becker 1:28; 130—Kulseth (W) pinned C. Pendergast 1:11; 135—Silvas (W) m. dec. Berg 18-9; 140—Elg (W) pinned Shetka 1:23; 145—Turek (NP) pinned Hottel 1:36; 152—E. Olson (NP) dec Fast (W) 8-3; 160—Radtke (W) pinned Co. Lines 5:48; 171—Fast (W) pinned Ca. Lines 3:42; 189—Winters (W) pinned Simon 1:48; 215—Crow (W) pinned Schoenecker 1:36; 275—Zschetzsche (W) dec. Cooan 8-3.

Panthers 47, Trojans 21

New Prgue got off to a slow start, with Scott West winning the first two matches to take a 9-0 lead. Rutt scored a pin at 119 pounds, but then Scott West won five straight. At 152 pounds, Eric Olson scored a decision, but by that time Scott West had the match well in hand. Matt Arens got a pin at 215 pounds and Jake Schoenecker won by forfeit.

Scott West 47, New Prague 21

103: M. Dvorak (SW) pinned E. Pendergast; 112: Valek (SW) dec. Minette 2-0; 119: Rutt (NP) pinned Edberg; 125: Pudwill (SW) m. dec. Becker 11-2; 130: E. Dvorak (SW) pinned C. Pendergast; 135: D. Dvorak (SW) pinned Berg; 140: J. Dvorak (SW) pinned Shetka; 145: Roberts (SW) m. dec. Turek 15-4; 152: E. Olson (NP) dec. Coloisey 3-1; 160: Herrmann (SW) pinned K Olson; 171: Stoutland (SW) dec. Ca. Lines 4-2 ot; 189: Wagner (SW) dec. Simon 5-4; 215: Arens (NP) pinned Dabu; 275: Schoenecker (NP) won by forfeit

Trojans 38, Chargers 27

New Prague revamped its lineup for the quadrangular meet at Dassel-Cokato. Things didn’t start well for New Prague, as they won only one of the first four matches, a major decision by Minette. New Prague trailed 18-4.

Shane Nelson came back with a pin, but DC won the next two matches to go up 27-10.

After that it was all New Prague. Turek won by technical fall at 145, Eric Olson won at 152 by decision, Cody Lines won 12-7, Caleb Lines won 5-3, Arens and Schoenecker scored major decisions and Lucas Shipman, wrestling his first varsity match at heavyweight, iced the victory with a pin at 275.

New Prague 38, Dassel-Cakato 27

103: Paulson (DC) pinned Cole; 112: Minette (NP) m. dec. Dobmeier 11-0; 119: Opsdahl (DC) pinned Meger; 125: Nelson (NP) pinned Johnson 130: Salmen (DC) pinned C. Pendergast; 135: Rahkola (DC) tech fall Berg 20-4; 140: Anderson (DC) m. dec. Shetka 13-3; 145: Turek (NP) tech fall Swenson 21-5; 152: E. Olson (NP) dec Nyquist 3-1; 160: Co. Lines (NP) dec Aho 12-7; 171: Ca. Lines (NP) dec Aho 5-3; 189: Arens (NP) m. dec. Bayuk 12-3; 215: Schoenecker (NP) m. dec. Klejeski 22-9; 275: Shipman (NP) pinned Henderson (DC)


Spartans 34, Trojans 33

This time the Trojans got off to a good start, winning three of four to take a 15-6 lead. Ryan Schmitz got a decision, Joe Meger won by forfeit and Rutt scored a pin.

But Rocori came back with two pins and a decision before Turek got a technical fall win. Eric Olson scored a major decision, Cody Lines had a decision, giving the Trojans a 27-21 lead.

Rocori won the next three matches, clinching the win, before Schoenecker scored a pin at 275.

Rocori 34, New Prague 33

103: Walz (R) pinned Cole; 112: Schmitz (NP) dec. Gertken 6-4 ot; 119: Meger (NP) won by forfeit; 125: Rutt (NP) pinned Hansen; 130: Howe (R) pinned C. Pendergast; 135: Helm (R) dec Berg 10-9; 140: Johnson (R) pinned Peterson; 145: Turek (NP) tech fall Klein 18-3; 152: E. Olson (NP) m. dec. Aho 13-4; 160: Co. Lines (NP) dec Provo 11-6; 171: Backus (R) pinned K. Olson; 189: Torgerson (R) m. dec. Simon 12-3; 215: Schroeder (R) dec. Arens 4-3; 275: Schoenecker (NP) pinned Massmann

Trojans 48, Eagles 22

After Apollo opened with a technical fall, the Trojans got a decision by Schmitz and a pin by Meger to go up 9-5. Apollo led 16-9 when Ted Berg started a streak of eight straight wins for the Trojans. Berg and Jonathan Vlasak got decisions, and Turek and Eric Olson scored pins. Cody Lines got a decision and Caleb Lines and Arens also won with pins. Josh Simon won by forfeit. The Trojans forfeited at heavyweight.


New Prague 48, St. Cloud Apollo 22

103: Athman (SCP) tech fall Cole; 112: Schmitz (NP) dec. Rial; 119: Meger (NP) pinned Vogel; 125: Lauer (SCP) pinned Becker; 130: Pulliam (SCP) tech fall C. Pendergast; 135: Berg (NP) dec. Jacobson; 140: Vlasak (NP) dec. Loch; 145: Turek (NP) pinned Engelbritson; 152: E. Olson (NP) pinned Middendorf; 160: Co. Lines (NP) dec Scharmer; 171: Ca. Lines (NP) pinned Trossen; 189: Arens (NP) pinned Pentz; 215: Simon (NP) won by forfeit; 275: Abrego (SCA) won by forfeit

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