A unique small-town celebration

By Chuck Kajer, Managing Editor

There's a lot that goes into making the Dozinky Festival a successful event each year.

Back when Bill Frost and the New Prague Chamber of Commerce envisioned the celebration 26 years ago, there were several things community organizers tried to keep in mind. First, they wanted to pay tribute to the ethnic heritage of the area, not just the Czech traditions, but other traditions as well.

Second, they wanted to recognize the agricultural roots on which the community was built. The name Parade of Farm Pride was chosen for the parade in part because of the many tractors that made their way down Main Street.

Third, they wanted to support the strong musical heritage of the area, with several stages set up downtown for music lovers to enjoy.

The Dozinky Festival has grown so much that in some ways, it's hard to recognize it as the same celebration that was started in the 1980s. Each year, new events and new traditions have been added, while others are discontinued. But the focus still remains on our community and its ethnic, agricultural and musical traditions.

So, head downtown on Friday or Saturday and visit with old friends, meet some new ones, take a look at the displays, enjoy the food and refreshments that are available to you and pull up a chair and enjoy some music, watch the parade and celebrate your community's heritage.

It's Dozinky time.

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