Warm weather heats up fishing season

By Bill Bartusek

August is here and so far it's been a real cooker. The warm weather, along with the lack of rain, has caused lakes to give up some of their secrets. The low lake levels and warm weather have really caused a bumper crop of weeds. The weeds are now at the surface where you can see them. They outline different areas I have fished in the past. You can visually drive up to underwater humps and weedlines and see their outlines. Little cuts and points are now defined and I can see why the fish are holding there. Sometimes this is not a good thing.

A long time ago, I had found this great spot on Prior Lake. I had quite a bit of success fishing for bass there. Of course, it made me some extra cash in the bass tournaments I fished. Along came a summer like this one and my spot identified itself. Everyone knew what I was fishing in that particular area. It is nice once in awhile to see what you have been fishing. The heat has slowed some fish and accelerated others. I've noticed that fish at the cabin are more low light active. By that, I mean they bite better mornings and evenings, during the heat wave. At times they seem down right lazy during the day.

At Lake Mille Lacs the walleye are going gangbusters. The best bite is on the mud flats and it takes place after dark. I guess the lake is having a phenomenal summer bite. I know that the public access is pretty full as I drive north heading for the cabin.

I also get excited about August because it’s time to catch some big fish. It seems to happen every year about the middle of the month. It is also only six weeks away from the first hunting season. I expect an average year for pheasants and doves. Geese will be abundant, however the duck hunt will be slow. Squirrels, rabbits and deer should give hunters an exceptional hunt. All their numbers are high!

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