Was the big Super Bowl super?


Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and whether we enjoyed the hoopla or not, it is a huge event for the sporting public.
The game was ‘super’ exciting and kept viewers’ attention right to the end (including the interruption because of a power outage), but one of the major sidelights of the contest was the fact that two brothers, the Harbaughs, were competing against each other as head coaches. Talk about an unusual and exciting matchup, and what a thrill for their parents, who were right in on the action.
Another sidelight of interest was whether or not the performers were singing live, or faking the words while a recording was played (as if it makes a great deal of difference).
This writer will not touch on his opinion of the halftime show, which certainly played to a different drummer, much like most of them in the past.
Whether we like the entertainment or not, it was quite a show — and quite a ball game — and this Viking fan  can’t wait for our favorite team to get back in there for the biggest pro football game of the year!
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Word was received here recently telling of the July death of Elizabeth “Betty” Wilson, 89, of Springfield, MO, the info coming from her daughter, Patty Wilson-Copeland of Kansas City, MO.
Betty (nee Wondra), was the 1941 Kolacky Queen in Montgomery. She was married to Bill Wilson of Carrolton, MO. They were married in 1944 during the WWII era, and he died in 2006.
Betty was a daughter of Rudy and Sabina (Traxler) Wondra. Her paternal grandparents were Frank and Mary (Rynda) Wondra of Madison Lake, and maternal grandparents were John H. and Hanna (Reintjes) Traxler of Le Center.

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