We do it right at Kolacky Days

Sometimes it takes going somewhere else and seeing something different to appreciate what we have and how well we do it.
On Saturday night, my family attended the Minneapolis Aquatennial festival to watch their fireworks display.
The fireworks were spectacular. When they started, it was like we were viewing the combination of 10 fireworks finales. I have never seen such a fantastic display, both with the types of fireworks (some shot up, then started to “pour streams of fireworks” out of the initial blast), and the length of display (30 minutes).
The 10,000 pounds of explosives on the Third Avenue Bridge was amazing, but there were a few drawbacks on the night:
• The event drew thousands of people to the historic flour mill area on West River Parkway. The row of port-a-potties stretched a block wide, and the lines to get into one lasted 25 minutes, give or take 25 minutes. (Side note: I figured out this time as I watched the band that was located next to the potty lines, and I timed one person). 
• There were only two food booths that I saw: one for hot dogs and one for frozen ice cream treats. The lines for each of these snaked the length of a city block. I couldn’t begin to clock the wait time on this because if I did, I would have missed the pyrotechnic show.
When we left, I thought about our Kolacky Days festival and how our little community does this festival so well. Over the course of three days, Kolacky Days offers something for everyone. We have food all over town starting Friday night at the American Legion to Sunday afternoon at Memorial Park. We have entertainment all the nights, car cruises, kids activities, softball, volleyball and horseshoe tournaments, and displays that range from an  old snowmobiles to a giant kolacky.
You might have to wait in line for a port-a-potty at the park, but you won’t have to wait 25 minutes, that’s for sure.
And if you want something to eat, you won’t have to wait for your hamburger, milk shake, mini donuts, or pork burger.
There will be thousands of people here this weekend as is usually the case. The forecast shows nice weather, so driver carefully because Montgomery is going to be packed with people. 
Get out and enjoy it because it only happens once a year.
Kolacky Section
Inserted in this week’s Messenger is the Kolacky Days Souvenir Section. The Messenger and Suel Printing Production staff worked like dogs to bring this special section to you. Please frequent the supporting advertisers in the section, because without them we wouldn’t have a section.
This year there are five girls running for the title of Kolacky Days Queen. I would like to sincerely wish good luck to Andrea Foote, Danielle Glende, Katelyn Stasney, Kayla Trcka, and Allie Trnka. I’m sure they are nervously perfecting their talent presentations and interview responses. 
Good Luck and 
Happy Kolacky Days!