Weeds are going down and fish are scattering

By Bill Bartusek

It seems the Fourth of July really sneaks up fast every year. It did for me, and now it's over. The weather was great, unless you don't like warm weather.

The season for our lakes is also changing quickly. Anglers found weeds in the area lakes maturing and going away. Cedar Lake near New Prague and other area lakes are now relatively void of weeds. When this happens, fish tend to scatter. The old weeds are dying and using up valuable oxygen, so the fish move on. They cruise the lake and look for new lush green weeds. Here new ecosystems develop, and the food chain starts over again.

Another change anglers see is fish showing up fairly shallow, even though waters are warm. The reason for this is the newly hatched fry. All the crappie and sunfish eggs have now hatched. Clouds of new baby fish move around the shallow areas of the lake. Panfish like sunfish and crappies somehow know this is happening. They move to shallow to feed on these small fish. They are followed by bass, pike and walleye, which in turn feed on the panfish. Anglers need to check the shallows and get in on the action for the next few weeks.

I spent the week up at the cabin fishing and relaxing. It was hot, and the fishing was good. On Friday, I came home to fish with my son Bill in the Pan-O-Prog Bass Contest at Lake Marion in Lakeville. We had a good time and caught some nice fish, including two 4-pound bass. We didn't get a limit, and only placed 11th. Dennis and Brandon Palma did get a limit of nice fish and won the tournament, with almost 20 pounds of bass. Placing fourth was the team of Tom Campbell and my son Joe Bartusek. They pulled in more than 18 pounds of bass. Congratulations to these anglers for some great fishing.

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