What effect do big storms have on fish?

After some wild weather things have settled down now.

What effect does a storm have on the fish? From past experience it seems to vary with the species. I have fished a lot of bass contest's, so I'm most familiar with them.

It seems that the bass, in shallow water are affected quite a bit more than fish in deep water. The bass in shallow water head for the thickest weeds in the area. They actually bury in the weeds, sometimes facing head down. They are still catchable but you have to put the lure in their face. Many times it takes several presentations before the bass will bite.

Northern Pike also seem more vulnerable to storm systems. After storms I've seen them just sitting in shallow water. In deep water I have seen them laying right on the bottom. You can put your bait right on their nose with no noticeable reaction.

Panfish seem the least affected, especially in deeper water. I guess I would focus on them after bad weather. Keep in mind that these reactions occur only after storms where the air temperature drops radically. If it is still warm after a storm front, the fish will show no ill effects.

It seems the verdict on the huge crappie kill on Clear Lake in Waseca is still up in the air. At first, Biologists thought the rapid lake warm-up caused the kill. Now, they aren't sure. They have found some peculiar symptoms in the dead fish. There may be another cause. At this time specimens are being studied in St. Paul and in LaCrosse, WI. They are hoping to put their fingers on the initial cause of the massive die off. I talked with people that saw the lake and dead fish. There were a lot of deadcrappies floating around the shoreline after the die off.

I'm heading for the cabin for a few days of relaxation. For me that means some power fishing, I can't wait. Then I'll be back on Lake Marion on July 10 for a bass contest. Maybe I'll see you there!

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