Wow! What a weekend

By Chuck Kajer, Managing Editor

It's hard to describe what the best part of the Dozinky weekend was. The weather was perfect, the crowds were huge, the exhibitors and food vendors all had a great selection of crafts and treats.

It is estimated that as many as 15,000 people visited downtown New Prague for the Dozinky Festival Saturday. Many people I talked to said they thought it was the biggest turnout the city has had for the Czech harvest festival. Even the crowds on Friday night seemed bigger, and that's not counting the nearly 600 people who attended the movie night at the Memorial Park Baseball Field.

Congratulations to Kristi Mach, Kelly Connelly and all of the staff and volunteers with the New Prague Chamber of Commerce. Their efforts at coordinating all the events helped make it a successful weekend. And thanks to all of the people and organizations who contributed in so many ways to make the weekend a success. It's part of what makes this small town a special one.

Six weeks ago I reported on the arrival of 10 guests at our house.... A litter of golden retriever puppies born to our dog, Frosty.

I'm happy to report that all 10 dogs are healthy and growing - oh, boy are they growing. The biggest are now more than 10 pounds. It seems like it wasn't that long ago when we could put all 10 of them in a laundry basket and carry them outside. Now, it takes five trips up and down the stairs carrying two at a time.

Feeding time is also becoming more of a chore. The first week was easy, we just let Frosty lay down in the room with the pups. Then, for several weeks our blender had a workout as Jenny made a mixture of puppy formula, cottage cheese and dog food. It's gotten easier again, as they are mostly eating moist puppy food, but the tough part is getting the food in to them. The minute you go out to the kennel gate, there are 10 little faces rushing to greet you. You open the gate slowly and then carefully step inside trying not to step on the pups and trying not to let one of them out.

Fortunately, like all puppies, they use up their energy in short little bursts, then go on to more important matters - sleeping.

It's becoming a handful, and we are enjoying it. But we're also looking forward to them leaving the nest, so to speak...kind of like when your kids get into their 20s. You like having them around, but you can't wait for them to go out on their own.

And no, that's not a hint to my oldest son.

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