A chat with a WWII Victory Aide 

Lisa Ingebrand

Mayme Jindra, 103, models the Minnesota Volunteer Victory Aide armband she wore while volunteering in Montgomery during World War II. (Lisa ingebrand Photo)

One week shy of her 104th birthday, life-long Montgomery resident Mayme (Dejcmar) Jindra, who is now resides at Traditions of Montgomery, dug out an envelope of tattered World War II memorabilia. 

"Oh, I don't know why I kept some of this stuff. You keep some stuff and get rid of other stuff... I must have thought these things would be interesting to  keep," she stated while carefully unwinding the ribbon around the yellowing envelope. 

The contents of the envelope became known to Traditions of Montgomery staff members after veterans residing in the facility were interviewed. 

"I heard what they were doing, and thought someone might be interested in a few things I saved from those days... Here, here's the armband I wore," said Jindra, gently unfolding a Minnesota Volunteer Victory Aide arm band.

Jindra was 26 years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entered the war. Her husband, John, was not drafted for the military because he was needed at the Green Giant canning factory in town. 

"He was a service man for the canning factory's trucks, tractors, and machinery," she explained. 

Like many women, Jindra joined the local Minnesota Volunteer Victory Aide to support the war effort. 

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