Spring play changes to 2 Saturday performances

The cast of the spring play includes (front, from left) Carolyn Mikel, MacKenzie Harstad, Josephine Hatlevig, Lizzie Trnka, (second row) Jose Reyes, Gabby Davidson, Suazzie Huffins, Katie Mulville, Heather Johnson, Andrick Wagner, Lizzie Christian, Nick Deutsch, (third row) Amanda Prigge, Janik Wagner, Alex Miland, Andrew Trnka, Audrey Wasiloski, Rianna Doyle, Katelyn Brown, Isabella Truman, Mecca Nightingale, Aidan Miland, Aven Prigge, Allyson Hennen, Isaac Schroeder, (back) Bella Matchinski, Alice Schroeder, Julie Meyer, Marissa Gare, Dan Linh Hoang, Alex Bass, Jack Erickson, Wyatt Hatlevig, Danessa Buckingham, and Chance Kraft.

Due to a few unforeseen circumstances as a result of the weather, the Spring play, “The Fearsome Pirate Frank” scheduled for this weekend is moved from a Friday and Saturday performance to two Saturday performances. 

Performances will take place at 2 and 7 p.m. at Montgomery Middle School Auditorium on Saturday, April 13.

According to Activities Director, Chad Johnson, rescheduling this event is a must and is the best option for the students that are performing.

“We apologize to any of you that have a scheduling conflict. If you have any question, please reach me at cjohnson@tcu2905.us," he stated.

The play revolves around the star of a popular pirate play “The Fearsome Pirate Frank”, the teenage heartthrob of every girl in Shakespearean England, who can’t remember his lines for the life of him! However, when the actor playing Frank (Andrick Wagner) and his supporting cast, including prima donna Esmerelda (Rianna Doyle), get kidnapped by real pirates during one of their productions, it’s good-bye stardom, hello servitude on a real pirate ship helmed by the wily and frightening Captain Frank (Lizzie Christian)! 

The play is directed by English teacher Sarah Mejia, who said the play is kind of a farce on a pirate play. 

“It’s humorous, yet with sword fights, zombies, and a twist of course,” she said. “A group of real female pirates show them what real pirating looks like.”

The production also features narrators, Nick Deutsch and Jose Reyes, and a stream of hilarious sign-carriers who keep the show moving as audience members watch the pirate actors swabbing the decks. 

However the pirate actors are not the only ones hijacked in the comic romp. The zany spoof also includes nightmare sailors, zombie pirates and hypnotizing mermaids.


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