Super Hero training Program arms kids with strategies for assault prevention, personal safety

Wade Young, Montgomery Messenger

Linda Roslansky (left) and Lauren Sell asked fifth grade students at TCU Montgomery what different scenarios when their "Creep Meters" could go off. The training was done last week as a way to arm students to protect themselves from assault and/or abduction. (Wade Young Photo)

Everyone can be a super hero.

The power is inside of them, but when they need to avoid an assualt, they need to learn to summon it.

That empowering message was one of the many lessons students learned last week in their Super Hero training at TCU Montgomery School.

The topic of sexual assault might be a difficult subject to talk about with kids, but two trainers from 'Not Me!' LLC Hero Kids training tailored their program in an easy-to-understand and non-intimidating way that everyone could understand. Students in third grade had training on Wednesday. The tween group in grade five learned their super powers on Thursday.

"The program teaches special things to help kids stay safe," said Lauren Sell, a trainer for the program. "These are things they can take and use for the rest of their life."

Linda Roslansky, another trainer, told the kids they are teaching them to be their own hero, how to make good choices, and listen to their feelings when nobody is around to help to prevent bad things from happening.

After the program, Roslansky explained the cause is "near and dear to my heart" because she knew someone who was assaulted when they were young and took their own life because of it.

The idea for the program started in 2011 when the founder, a former Navy Seal, Al Horner, went to psychologists and started doing research for the programs.

The training tailors different sessions for two age groups.

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