Something for All is Lonsdale chamber's 2022 Business of the Year

Jarrod Schoenecker

Jarrod Schoenecker photo
Something for All owners and staff pictured (from left to right) Nancy Krossin, owner JoAnn Erickson, daughter Vicky, grandson Silas, and owner and husband Joel Erickson.

Owners JoAnn and Joel Erickson started their passion-business, Something for All, 14 years ago in Lonsdale.

The shop at 135 Main Street S lives up to its name. It’s not strictly antiques. It’s not completely crafts. It’s not a thrift store. It has elements of just a little bit of each. It’s “Something for All.”

How the shop is modeled resembles probably most closely to a small antique mall inside of an old storefront and above-store apartment building. Their 23 current vendors pay monthly rent and take care of introducing their own inventory. The store takes care of all the transactions going out.

The Erickson’s have operated continuously since 2009 when they bought the place except for taking a year break after operating for about one year. It’s is definitely a family affair, with JoAnn’s husband beside her, her daughter, and grandson all playing a part.

“It’s been a life-long dream,” said JoAnn about what the shop means to her. She used to do a lot and still does some flea markets and craft shows. She says that it’s a great place for people who want to start selling stuff but aren’t confident enough to go to a craft show or flea market themselves yet.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor there, you better start now though. “I actually have a waiting list right now. We’re full,” said JoAnn. She says you can donate items to the store though where the profits that they generate from those items will go to the Windmill Animal Rescue in Elko-New Market. All you have to do is bring your items in.

Lonsdale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Shanna Gutzke-Kupp says, “One of the reasons we chose them is just how much they do for the community. They’ve been wonderful.”

JoAnn says, “I appreciate everyone coming in. Thank you. It’s an honor.”

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