4H and Korean War exhibits on display at NP Library

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

The photos and memorabilia belonged to the late LeRoy Henry Kline, who served in the Korean War in the Navy. The articles are part of an exhibit at the New Prague Library sponsored by the New Prague Area Historical Society and the family of Kline. (Patrick Fisher photo)

The New Prague Area Historical Society currently has two exhibits at the New Prague Library, 400 Main St. E. One is about 4-H Clubs, the other touches on the Korean War with memorabilia such as banners, books and prizes concerning 4-H and, for the Korean War, photos and articles collected by the late LeRoy Henry Kline, who served in the Navy during that conflict.

"Some have called it the ‘Forgotten War,’" said Dennis Dvorak of the New Prague Area Historical Society. That group and Kline’s family are sponsoring the Korean War exhibit. He added that of the United States’ conflicts it is the least studied. "It currently is a topic of discussion due to North Korea."

In the exhibit about the Korean War, information details how Kline enlisted in the Navy in 1948 and was sent to the Great Lakes Naval Station before being assigned to the destroyer the USS Taussig. Kline’s first deployment began in June 1950, leaving from Pearl Harbor. His second deployment began in August 1951 and he was honorably discharged after the Taussig returned to San Diego in May 1952.

Among the articles Kline had from that time were copies of Life magazine, postcards, matchbook covers of places he visited, coupons from the Petty Officer’s Club and his Liberty Card, or pass card for vacation.

The Korean War began June 25, 1950 when Communist North Korea invaded South Korea. The United States with several other countries from the United Nations fought with South Korea, while the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army fought with North Korea. The Korean Armistice Agreement was signed, putting an end to armed combat on July 23, 1953. An actual peace treaty has never been signed.

Dvorak said they were....

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