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Lisa Ingebrand,

A benefit event—and victory party—will be held this Sunday in honor of local businessman Harry “Chip” Beadell of Waterville, who was diagnosed with stage-4 prostate cancer two years ago. For Beadell, the event is a victory celebration and an opportunity to raise awareness. (Lisa Ingebrand Photo)

He was given only six months to live.

That was two years ago.

Now, the stage-4 advanced, metastatic prostate cancer survivor is ready to celebrate.

This Sunday, August 22, a victory party, which family and friends have turned into a benefit, will be held in honor of local businessman Harry “Chip” Beadell at the Waterville Event Center from noon until 7 p.m.

“I was told I’ll have to say a few words at the event, and I will, but I’ve already warned them it’s not going to be anything that makes people cry. It’s gonna make ‘em smile—laugh,” stated Chip, who credits staying positive and his family’s fighting spirit with getting him through his cancer fight.

Chip, who has owned and operated Harry’s True Value Hardware (formerly Coast to Coast) in Waterville with his wife, Denise, since 1991, has been an active and relatively healthy man for most of his life. So, when he developed a pain in his lower back two years ago, he saw a local chiropractor.

“It was just about a quarter-inch size spot, right in my lower back. The chiropractor did everything he could until… Well, he finally recommended I see my medical doctor,” Chip explained.

His doctor arranged for an x-ray of 58-year-old Chip’s lower back and routine blood tests, but Chip pushed for more.

He requested a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test.

“The test basically saved the life of a good friend of mine… The test, which is really simple, detected his cancer very early, so early that he didn’t even need chemo,” he stated. “Unfortunately, the test fell out of a man’s regular physical under Obama Care. Now, it isn’t covered, and you either have to have a family history of it or show symptoms to get the test.”

Chip had requested the PSA test at his annual physical the year before, but he didn’t qualify.

This time, when he requested the test, he didn’t...

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