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So now that the snow is gone for now, how many of you have started cleaning up your yard? Obviously this column was written before Monday…UGH
This time of year it is always interesting to see what you were not able to get to before that first snow fall.
As I was walking around our home the other day I realized either I was very lazy earlier in the year or the snow came too fast to pick items up.
It seems like every year the brown holiday wreath always seems to be hidden away. This year it was hiding in one of our bushes in front of the porch. At one point or another it jumped off the wall and onto the bush.
The doody clean-up patrol is always evident for those with animals. Throughout the winter you try to keep up with the dog’s potty clean-up, but once the snow disappears it seems as if it has multiplied over the winter.
There was also another interesting find in the grass by our sidewalk. Somehow $2.65 in change was found. Where this came from I wasn’t sure until I recollected.
Remember the icy conditions we had for a few days? Well, Mr. Nimble Feet took a tumble. I am sure the seismic tremor numbers were off the charts. Right Royal?
I remember brushing snow of myself, rolling over to look to see who might have seen my fall, then getting up as quickly as I could and headed into the house.
I guess I had some change in my coat pocket (going jingle lingle ling) and it popped out as I fell down. I was so embarrassed for falling I didn’t even attempt to see what had fallen from my pockets.
Along with the change was a facemask, a couple of pens, and a receipt from Davis’ MarketPlace. Yes, I did hit the ground hard. It wasn’t a slip. I went down with a thud. I suppose in my scrambling to get up I rolled over and these items exited my coat pocket.
Tree branches that fell during the winter were also discovered, along with a can of Pepsi which someone must have tossed in a snow bank and did not finish it.
I know we will probably get some more snow this March and maybe April, so the early clean-up will make things easier once the snow is completely gone.
This week the high school state girls basketball tournament was scheduled to take place and the boys state tournament next week. This, of course, was until COVID.
As hundreds of us will remember, the end to the WEM girls basketball tournament came about this time last year. I was heading to the front door of Williams arena, plenty early for their upcoming Class A State Semifinal game.
Just as I approached the door someone inside put up a sign which said the tournament was being cancelled. Minutes later I received a call from Superintendent Joel Whitehurst and Activities Director Jeff Boran.
As I slowly walked from Williams Arena back to the parking structure I met a few others who were early for the game and did not know it had been cancelled. Dismay was on the face of all I told.
As I got to my car, I found out the players were just getting on the bus to head to the U of Minnesota venue. My heart broke for them.
So with the disappointment of not being able to play behind them, let’s look ahead to this year. The playoffs start Wed, March17 for the girls and the boys start a day earlier.
The Lady Bucs are the No. 1 seed in the South Sub-Section. The boys are the No. 7 seven in the Sub-Section. Both teams will start their playoffs at home.
The girls have a great chance to advance through the Sub-Section and into the Section 2A Championship, which would probably be against Sleepy Eye-St. Mary’s. SESE defeated WEM last week in a very close, well played game. As long as the Lady Bucs keep winning they will be playing at home.
With all the disappointment from a year ago, it is nice to see the MSHSL schedule playoffs and State Tournaments. They will be a bit different with the lack of fans, but at least the opportunity to play is there.
Good luck to the basketball teams and the wrestlers, who wrestled Tuesday, March 16 in the Section 2A Meet. The top four finishers in each weight class advance to the Super Regional Saturday, March 20 in Windom.



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