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Doris Coghill presented “Czech Glass, Beads, and Jewelry” at the Arts & Heritage Center on Saturday as part of the display, “A Kaleidoscope of Czech Heritage” (Photo courtesy of Jean Keogh)

A colorful display of Czech beads and jewelry on Saturday continued the “Kaleidoscope of Czech Heritage” display at the Arts & Heritage Center.

Doris “Dee” Coghill, a member of the Czech Heritage Group, the organization responsible for the display, brought her display, which represents the area’s Czech heritage, history, and culture.

Coghill explained the northern region of the Czech Republic, which is two hours north and slightly west of Prague, is the area for the country’s glass production.

She said glass factories create vases, bottles, commercial and art items. Coghill, who is a nationallyrenowned bead artist, said bead factories make pressed glass and extruded (pulled) glass. “There are also seed-bead jewelry factories, purse factories, button factories, wooden bead factories, chandelier factories, and lamp-working factories -- all to do with glass,” she said.

She explained that factories are small buildings that resemble twostory houses.

Coghill brought with her several examples of glass and bead items. She showed a tall blue vase from a student store at the glass high school in Železný Brod (translates to Iron River). She noted that students pick one of six glass disciplines and stay with that program for four years.

Also displayed was a smaller...

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