Le Sueur County Historical Society to meet Saturday, Dec. 30


The Le Sueur County Historical Society is scheduled to hold a special meeting of the membership on Saturday, Dec. 30, at 1 p.m. However, if you are interested in getting information about becoming a member or attending the meeting and are not a member, you won’t be allowed in. The meeting is in response to a member-signed petition that was presented to President Jenifer Morsching after the organization’s turbulent October 7 annual meeting where a Le Sueur County Deputy Sheriff was called to maintain order. Some Society members left that meeting shortly after it started because of what they called "verbal fighting and unprofessional behavior.”
The three-member board made it partly through the Society’s list of future plans before the meeting fell apart and the deputy sheriff told everyone to go home. After Morsching received the petition, a group of members, recognizing that the meeting had not been formally adjourned, held another meeting on October 18 at which the members elected a new board of directors. Society member Bill Stangler explained that members called the special meeting to address several of the Society’s bylaws, which he called, “very exclusive, arbitrary and capricious.”
However, LCHS’s attorney Jennifer Urban does not see it that way. She acknowledges the meeting, but said it was not legitimate. On October 26, Urban issued cease and desist letters to its 81 members. The action attempted to stop members from electing a full board of directors, examining vague financial summaries, opening the membership, speaking to the media, and seeking legal representation. The December 30 meeting, according to Urban, is in response to the petition. The meeting will be held at the Le Sueur Museum, 709 N. 2nd Street in Le Sueur.
On the agenda are four items: Call to Order, Approval of Agenda, Review of Bylaws and Adjournment. When asked if the “board” would be taking nominations for changes to the bylaws or if it “presentation-only” by the attorney, Urban vaguely responded, “The business at the meeting is restricted to what’s on the meeting notice.”
She added that members will be allowed to comment, but if things get disorderly or rowdy, they may be asked to leave. “If members become unruly, they will be trespassed from the premises,” she wrote in an email.


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