Medallion Hunt - Clue 4

It was the next morning and Dale remembered that the Community Club used to take a photo in front of one of these markers every year for many years and bet they hide the medallion near there. Before work, he thought he would stop by Franke’s Bakery for a glazed donut and was looking over the brochure and was talking to Mary Ann as he ate, when a few things randomly came up: 


-Do you know the most common letter a Kolacky Days Sponsor starts with?


-What event will be celebrating its 60th anniversary as being a part of the Kolacky Days tradition?


-I wonder what exactly that new activity is the park that’s scheduled all weekend? Dale heard they are also bringing a “Walk-on-Water” attraction. 


After finishing his donut, Dale said he needed to get out on the road as he has a few things needing to get done before the big weekend. 


The Montgomery Area Community Club would like to thank the following for helping get the word out across Minnesota Czech Country! Thank you KCHK Radio and the Montgomery Messenger! 


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