Memorial Day is more than a break from work

Wade Young

Your plans for Memorial Day are made.

A picnic in the park. A vacation to the lake. A trip to the shopping mall.

Or maybe a visit to a military memorial or a parade.

These are all well-deserved breaks and rests. We work hard.

However, this Memorial Day, as in ALL Memorial Days, we need to force ourselves to pause and remember the fallen.

We need to remember those who fell in combat during America's conflicts. Desert Storm, Vietnam, Korea, Afgahnistan, Iraq. They are all important, and if a serviceman or woman died, we need to remember that.

We need to remember them all – their courage, sacrifice, professionalism, dedication and the essence that made them devote their life to their country.

In the United States, we need to remember that sacrifice of others is not enough. The servicemen and women who died in combat did so with conviction, dedication and passion.

Make Memorial Day a day to remember and a day to start remembering the fallen throughout the year.


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