Mom's Awards

Lisa Ingebrand

These are my daughters.
The above photo was taken at the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s (MNA) Annual Awards Banquet last week. They are holding the awards I received at the event, the adults-only event.
Yes. I did the unspeakable.
I registered my 10 and 13-year-olds for the event and brought them, along with my husband, to a professional work event.
It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
This year marks my twentieth year writing for the local newspapers, and while it’s always an honor to be recognized by the MNA, being recognized by your loved ones is truly rewarding.
I wanted my girls to see me receive my awards.
I wanted them to know that my late nights and weekends spent away from them mean something, and what I do is important.
Maybe it’s their ages. They are on the cusp of young womanhood. Anna will start high school in the fall, and she’s already talking about her college options.
Maybe it’s because I often use my children and their antics as fodder for my personal column, this column. My girls have essentially grown up before readers’ eyes on this printed page.
Or maybe it’s because I wanted them to have the opportunity to be proud of me.
Most likely, it was all the above.
On the night of the awards ceremony.... Pick up the Feb 2 edition of the Messenger to read in full.


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