Respect your Mother (Earth)

Wade Young, Montgomery Messenger

Last week Thursday was Earth Day!
Earth Day is an annual global event, observed on April 22, that celebrates the environmental movement and raises awareness about pollution and ways to maintain a clean habitat. It started in 1970.
Whether you agree with the notion of a climate crisis or not, we should all choose to be better and more respectful inhabitants of Earth. We can support environmental conservation for ourselves and for living things with whom we share the planet.
All of life is interconnected. Whenever we do things that benefit the plant, we are also improving our mood and mental health
Here are a couple of tips for Earth Day and for everyday:

Tip #1: Find a sustainable product, or ways to recycle more.
There are many sustainable products on the market - laundry strips instead of a giant tub of liquid detergent, reusable bottles, sustainable clothing for the fashion inclined, and so much more.
We can also make more of an effort to recycle.
For Christmas, Hannah bought Bonnie and me a garbage can. Normally, I wouldn’t get excited about this. I mean, it’s a garbage can. It’s kind of like giving your wife an iron for her birthday (don’t do this!).
However this is a special garbage can.
It’s made by Simplehuman, a company that designs tools to help us become more efficient at home. The can is a dual compartment rectangular step can. One compartment is for regular trash; the other for recyclables.
Our trash can sits in our kitchen by the pantry, so people see it. However, I will say, the stainless steel and sleek design makes a pretty awesome first impression. (Can I use the word “stylish” about a trash can?). The stainless steel liner rim grips each garbage bag and keeps it hidden.
It’s also surprisingly space-efficient given the amount of garbage it can hold, and it even has a built-in bag dispenser that lets you quickly and easily replace the garbage bags.
The second bin also makes us recycle more. It’s a lot easier to toss things in the new can than walking all the way to the recycling bin in the garage (you know, all of 10 steps.)

Tip #2: Spend more time outdoors
Especially since the pandemic started, some of us are spending too much time indoors, and not enough time out in the sunshine and fresh air. Take some extra time to make outdoor time a priority. It helps connect you with the earth, has a powerful way of bringing life into perspective, and also has significant mental and physical health benefits. Make it a goal to spend some outdoor time daily.

Tip #3: Support a tree!
These days you can buy a star or purchase a brick at a veteran’s park. If you didn’t plant (or sponsor) a tree this Earth Day, support an organization that plants trees and helps to reduce environmental impact.
Today - and always - we should respect our Mother Earth (and our real mothers too, of course!).


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