Saemrow family is Rice Co. Farm Family of the Year

The Saemrow family has been named Rice County’s 2022 Farm Family of the Year. Pictured (front, from left) are the four brothers and their mother. Keith, Ron, Marian, Gordon, and Wayne, (second row) are the brothers’ wives Jackie, Brenda, Hindy, Abbie, and a son Tyler, (back) more children Wyatt, Lisa, Jacy, Jack, and Jobb. Missing are other children Matt, Elsa, and Judd Saemrow. (Submitted photo)

The Saemrow family has been named Rice County’s 2022 Farm Family of the Year by the University of Minnesota.

Charles Saemrow first settled the Saemrow farm in the early 1890s. Charles’ son, Herman took over the operation in the 1930s. He was followed by his son Herb in the 1950s. Then, in the 1980s, Herb’s sons Ron, Gordon, Keith, and Wayne assumed ownership. The four brothers and their families own and run the operation.

The farm currently consists of 800 milking cows. All heifer calves are raised as replacements, and setters are raised and sold as feeders. The cropping operation consists of approximately 2,200 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, alfalfa, and grass hay. The Saemrows are also contracted growers for Jennie-O turkeys.

Family members stay busy on and off the farm. The brothers’ mother, Marian, just turned 95 and she works out in the calf barn every day. The rest of the family includes Ron, his wife Brenda, their sons Matt and Tyler; Gordon and his wife Hindy, their children Judd, Jack, Jacy, and Jobb; Keith and his wife Jackie, their children Lisa and Wyatt; and Wayne and his wife Abby.

The four brothers (Ron, Gordon, Keith, and Wayne) manage the farm, and labor is supplied by about 25 people. This includes the seven members of the fifth generation and employees.

The members of the Saemrow family have...

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