Another busy time of the year

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

It's another time of the year when it seems there’s more than one event going on and not enough time to do them all. Lately it seems like the weekend is bringing several activities, whether they are stories for the paper or I’m trying to get together with friends. With everything I’m going to, either for a story or more for pictures, it reminds me of the old saying “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” When I was child I didn’t understand what that meant. These days with my busy schedule, I certainly understand that.

There are those days when I get a breather, at which point I just lay back and take some time to relax, but there are time when I’m thinking, “I should be doing something.” I think we all have those times when we believe we should be getting out and visiting people or be at some activity. I can agree with that and there are times when I follow through with it, but I think every once in a while we do need to take some time for ourselves. Find a little time to catch up on those shows we have piling up on the DVR, read a book that someone recommended or get a little exercise by tending to a garden or those houseplants or take a walk with no destination in mind.

I realize those who have families, especially big extended ones, that may not be possible all the time, but even a little time can help. It can also be done in creative ways, such as walking to the store instead of taking the car, if it’s feasible. I realize walking one mile to the store may not be for everyone. Another way to have some time to yourself is park the car a little further away from the store. To be honest I don’t mind parking within easy walking distance, but I’m not one of those who is going to circle the parking lot just to find a closer parking space. If I find a spot near the end of the parking area, I’ll take it and just walk.

This is a year when I understand how people have to consider what they will be doing next. I have four high school graduations this spring. One is for the son of a cousin, another is for the daughter of a couple who are friends and the other two are for a niece and a nephew. Thankfully they are not during the same weekend so I can plan them out.

Memorial Day

Another Memorial Day will soon be here and we’ll be recognizing those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice. To be honest I only have one memory of attending a Memorial Day service as a child. It was a sunny day and I didn’t quite understand why we were at the local cemetery. I was told it was for Memorial Day, but I only understood that vaguely. As I grew older I found out what the day meant and it’s history, but it wan’t until I came to New Prague and saw the time and effort that local veterans groups put into Memorial Day and saw the number of people who observe it that I realized how special, yet solemn, a day it is for many people.

Sometimes I think if more communities were to make an effort or more people were to attend such services we might be better off.



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