Chuck Kajer, The New Prague Times

The coldest temperatures in 20 years hit Minnesota this week. Temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday mornings were forecast to hit 20-below, and perhaps 30-below zero. Schools closed and many businesses adjusted their operations to accommodate employees and customers who were affected by the weather or the school closings. However many others had no choice.

Law Enforcement officers were on duty and patrolling the city. Snow removal crews were out Sunday and Monday evenings to get rid of the weekend’s snowfall. The New Prague Fire Department was on call in case they were needed, and responded on mutual aid to a fire in Belle Plaine on Monday evening. Many other people were out doing their jobs despite the frigid temperatures.

You would think as Minnesotans we’d be used to this kind of weather, but temperatures this extreme mean it’s time for a reminder on how to deal with the cold weather and wind chills:

Dress in layers - cover exposed skin - limit your time outdoors - don’t keep your pets outside too long - check on water pipes along exterior walls to make sure they aren’t freezing.

And don’t forget, this won’t last forever. Highs on Saturday are expected in the upper 30s or even the 40s… a 70-degree swing from Thursday’s forecast low.

Minnesota is a theater of seasons… Remember this week when you’re complaining about the humidity and mosquitoes in July and August.



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