Celebrating National Newspaper Week

Chuck Kajer, The New Prague Times

“Journalism Matters - Now more than ever.”

That is the theme for National Newspaper Week, which is being celebrated October 7-13. The New Prague Times joins newspapers across the nation in celebrating the free press and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which keeps the news media from government interference.

For nearly 250 years, freedom of the press has been one of the key tenets of the U.S. Newspapers have served many functions. They serve as a watchdog over government, reporting on what is happening and, occasionally, reporting things the government may not want you to know, but that you should know. Newspapers bring you news from all over the world, and place it right on your doorstep, or more recently, on your computer or smart phone screen.

Community newspapers - newspapers like this one, that serve smaller communities, provide local news that might not be reported in other media. We report on local businesses, local elections and local issues. We let you know what’s happening in the schools, in city hall and in your neighborhoods. They provide a vital service that helps to build a strong, thriving community.

Last month, The New Prague Times began its 130th year of publication. Since then, every week for more than 6,700 weeks, we’ve told the stories of this community. We thank you, our readers, for supporting us all these years and we are committed to continuing that service for the people of New Prague and the surrounding area.



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