A day to unite

Chuck Kajer, The New Prague Times

Throughout our nation’s history, it has called on its people to defend itself against various enemies. Memorial Day, which was celebrated this week, is a chance for today’s Americans to reflect and thank those who answered the call and made a sacrifice to defend it.

Whether at Gettysburg, in Flanders Field, at Omaha Beach, or, in Korea, Vietnam or the Middle East, and many other places, Members of the United States Armed Forces have fought, and died. They died with the belief that their sacrifice will help keep their nation free. They died fighting for a cause they believed in. Most of all, they fought, and died, because their nation faced a challenge. They were needed, and they stepped up at a time when others did not, or could not do so.

The United States would not, could not exist if it weren’t for people willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect the nation. The men and women who died in battle deserve the utmost respect, as do their family members who have made this sacrifice. Their loss is one that we must never forget, and never trivialize.

Memorial Day gives us all a chance to recognize the men and women who have given their all, so that this nation will continue to be free.



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