Drawing to a close

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

While the end of the year is still about a week away, many are making plans, or already have them in place, about how they will end the year and welcome the new one.

People reading this are likely still on Christmas vacation or just coming back from the time they spent with family and friends. For children, they’re busily playing with the latest toy or video game or perhaps glued to a new phone. For adults they are trying to figure out the instructions of that new electronic device or perhaps a piece of furniture.

So why do I start about welcoming in the New Year? If we want we can blame the calendar. This is one of those years when the holidays fall near the beginning and middle of the week. For most of us that doesn’t give us a very good opportunity for planning time off. Some of us can try for three days off, the lucky ones among us can take the week off, but the rest of us will have to go with two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The same goes for New Year’s, although there will still be several places open on New Year’s Eve for most of the day or to help people celebrate.

There will also be those celebrating the end of one decade and the beginning of another with this New Year. There are sticklers for rules who will point out the actual beginning of the 2020s don’t actually start until 2021. But people like to party and some will celebrate this year and next.

As for summing up the year, putting it very succinctly, 2019 began on January 1 and there has been religion, politics, scandals, disasters - natural and manmade, celebrations, passings and births. Now, in one week 2019 will draw to a close and we’ll begin things again.

Excuse the humor, I hope everyone enjoys their Holiday Season and has a wonderful time with family and friends. From all of us at The New Prague Times, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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