The future as we know it

Patrick Fisher,

As we’re in the second decade of the 21st Century I think many of us have thought that the future would be different.

A few years back there were a series of commercials that talked about the present day and the future. One of the commercials asked “Where are the flying cars?” It was a nod to several TV shows and movies that featured flying cars of some form or another. I remember seeing some of them and they had some car that would change into a miniature plane, others had a car that had been crossed with a jet. There are a few companies that are actually working toward a combined plane and car. The most recent one I saw had a plane come in and then a person flipped a switch that would draw in the tail section and the wings making it into a car. A very stylish and futuristic looking car. One of the hosts of a late night TV interview show expressed his feelings about it. While he found it cool, he noted there are some drivers out there that can’t figure out who should go first at a four way stop, and these are not the type of people you want flying one of these vehicles.

Hopefully people will need a pilot’s license as well as a driver’s license.

In a way flying cars may seem like an extravagant or even frivolous item, but it does represent how some people were hoping for a future of many possibilities. We still have many possibilities, we just have to realize that we have to work toward them rather than taking a break. Any person or group that decides to rest on their laurels will soon see others pass them by.



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