Habits, good or bad, we have them

Patrick Fisher, pfisher@newpraguetimes.com

Everyone has habits, whether we like it or not. Some of our habits are good ones and some, not so much.

Whether you want to consider these habits or not, some good ones are double checking if it’s alright to pull out into traffic or letting a pedestrian go first at a crosswalk. There’s also the one your parents taught you, an example is don’t drink out of the same containers that everyone is going to use, such as the milk or orange juice bottle. There’s also when a door at someone’s home is shut, knock and wait. Growing up in a relatively large family, six people, and an even larger extended family, this one was drilled into my siblings and I. These days I sometimes find it odd when people don’t follow that rule.

Sometimes I catch myself developing a habit or don’t realize I have one. Years ago, a friend noticed I was saying the word like far too much and asked me to “Stop saying like.” After it was mentioned I noticed I did rely on that word too much and have tried not to use it as much, both while speaking and in writing.

One habit I think we all have a tendency of doing is mumbling or saying something under our breath. How many of us have caught ourselves repeating a question or wondering something aloud? It’s not so bad a habit, unless we get caught or say something a little too loud and
then we are extremely embarrassed.

There are those who will say, don’t fall into a habit or just stop doing it. More often than not that’s easier said than done. Sometimes there are circumstances that help in breaking a habit. For me, one was that I occasionally smoked pipe tobacco or cigars. One thing that helped is that most places don’t allow smoking. Some people are happy with that fact and others aren’t. Part of the reason I gave it up was I decided I didn’t want to step outside in the cold during winter just to feed that habit. Of course there were also reasons of health.



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