It’s been loud and dusty and others are going fishing

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

When I said it was going to be a noisy construction season I didn’t realize how right I was going to be. Nearly every day has had the sound of construction vehicles beeping as they back up, the loud crunch as concrete or asphalt breaks apart, the metallic boom and the slight echo as dump trucks drop their cargo or are loaded with concrete and the rocky clatter as gravel is deposited for the street. Of course since the streets are not finished there is dust.

For those who work and the few who live along Main Street these noises have been heard six days a week for the last few weeks. It’s actually a surprise when there’s a sudden outbreak of silence on a construction day. For me when Sunday comes it’s a nice respite to not wake to the sound of construction going on. Some Sundays, if I don’t have anything going on or planned, I sometimes even leave my alarm off so I don’t have to deal with the electronic beeping.

This isn’t really a complaint, because I knew what I was getting into in living along Main Street. I mean, I grew up in a house that was about two to three blocks down from train tracks. The noise of the trains click-clacking by with whistles blowing was something my family grew used to, until it became background noise. It’s like the traffic along New Prague’s Main Street and the sound of the bells from St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, I’ve grown used to them.

Now this weekend is one that a lot of families look forward to, it’s Minnesota’s fishing opener. There will be those families, although sometimes it’s just one or two members, who will be heading to some favorite spot to cast a line or let a lure dangle and just sit there waiting until a fish decides to nibble at the bait. Sometimes it’s a long wait, other times its one quick nibble after another. To those who go fishing, enjoy this weekend.



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