It’s a busy time

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

It’s not even March yet and there are already those sports gearing up for state tournaments. At least one, the State Dance Team Tournament, has already happened. The state tournament for girls hockey and gymnastics are going on over the next few days. In the next few weeks, there will be the tourneys for wrestling, boys hockey, adaptive floor hockey and girls and boys basketball.

I offer a tip of the hat to those who follow those sports, either as parents, siblings and other family, plus the reporters who make sure it’s in their newspapers. It’s a busy and exciting time going to see a team play for the state championship. The loud cheers from the crowds, especially when a game is close. The even louder cheers when a team battles back. Feeling the floor shake from the enthusiasm of the crowd. The exhilaration from the crowd when their team receives the state championship award.

I was able to experience that once. It was my first year working for The Times and seeing the girls basketball team have one of their most stellar years, reaching the state tournament. It was a tight game and New Prague almost didn’t win it, but they battled on and won. One thing that I remember is nearly running up and down the court’s sidelines, making sure I could get some good photos of as many players as I could. When New Prague won there were these cheers that made thunder sound like a whisper. For me it was one of those few times where I saw a team that I had a little connection to go on and win.

The only other time was when Roseau won the boys hockey state championship in the 1980s. Since I had family from Roseau and we gathered at my family’s house to watch the game on TV, I was part of it and it was a fun experience.

For all the teams from New Prague, I hope you do well.



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