It’s definitely winter

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

Last weekend was a reminder that it’s still definitely winter and we have a little more than two months left of snow, ice, cold temperatures and wind. If we’re lucky we won’t have a snowstorm in April, but you never know.

Driving around on Friday evening, the roads were already getting slick due to the snow. Thankfully I didn’t have to go far. A few necessities and a couple of movies and I was set for the evening. Saturday I went out to find a few weather related photos. By then the combination of an icy sheen and snow had the “low traction” message popping up on my car’s monitor more than once. Of course, I could tell that by the spinning of the tires.

For most adults the weekend was a good one to stay indoors. I did see a few people bundled up getting some exercise or walking their dogs. Most others were doing what needed to be done, clearing away the snow from their sidewalks or driveways.

This weekend did remind me of a comic strip that I read years ago. A child is out enjoying the winter weather, breathing in the cold air, throwing the snow around and beaming up at the winter sun. The child decides only one more thing would make the day perfect. The child goes inside and says to their dad, “Let’s have a picnic!” Most of us would probably have the same expression of surprise that the dad had. Then again there are some perfect winter days with the way the sun glistens off the snow, the wind is a gentle puff of air and temperatures are at that point where you don’t need to be so bundled up. Those days remind us that living here isn’t so bad.

I’ve had those type of days when I’ve been skiing or, when I was a youngster in Boy Scouts, out on a winter camping trip. We just need those types of days to help us get through the winter.



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