It’s summer time

Patrick Fisher,

Tuesday was the first official day of summer and it was a warm day, although not as warm and humid as the previous two days. One thing we can count on with the weather in Minnesota is that it can go from extremely cold days in the winter to extremely warm and, at times, humid days in the summer. While some enjoy the change in the weather, you can always find someone who is going to complain about it.

Like most people I do prefer to find shade or even an area with nice air conditioning to get through the days with temperatures at 88 degrees Fahrenheit or in the 90s, especially when the humidity is high. Those days it just seems to be a little more difficult to get around, particularly when there’s few clouds in sight.

Despite the heat, I’ve been out and about when the weather is that warm. I’ve even lived and worked in that type of heat without air conditioning. A couple decades back I worked as a camp commissioner at a Boy Scout camp. It required sleeping in a tent for most of the summer. If you were lucky you had a small battery operated fan to blow air around in the tent. I appreciated the nights when it was a clear sky, because it meant the heat from the day likely wouldn’t be around. There was also a couple summers when I had an apartment without air conditioning. Those were times when I would wear as light as clothing as possible, turn on as many fans as I had and drink water. It helped some, but I still sweltered. Those types of summers make me appreciate what I have.

Even with the heat, summer is always a great time to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Wether you bike or walk or have in line skates or a scooter, getting out in the sun, or during a warm evening is something where you can get some exercise and likely create some good memories to get you through the winter. Just remember to drink lots of water.



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