It has begun, plus Q and A

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

It’s started. The reconstruction of New Prague’s Main Street began on Monday, April 5, with quite a bit of noise as crews were out sawing street pavement in preparation for its removal. There was also a lot of banging and crashing as machines dug up that street pavement. It’s definitely going to be a loud summer.

I’ll admit a bit of fascination in how the machines that saw the pavement use water to help cut it. Anyone wondering what’s causing the lines of mud along Main Street and the sidewalks, it’s likely from that machine, since the water mixes with the dust kicked up by the saw blade.

Like quite a few people I’m asking people remember to keep supporting the downtown businesses. They are vital to our town’s economy. New Prague’s downtown has a lot to offer, as do the businesses on the west end of town. Whether it’s food, coffee, electronics, clothing, decorations or hearing aids, continue to check out the downtown. Most businesses feature a back entrance so you can avoid the construction work on Main Street.

Questions and Answers

Earlier this week I had a few people suggest a question and answer column. One suggestion was to have some informational tidbits about the street construction. Perhaps how much dirt has to be used in the process. Another was how many tons of pavement was being removed.

There are times I will be asked a question, thankfully I’m able to answer it. Every once in a while I’ll chuckle because the question I’m being asked, I just had a story about it in the newspaper or online. There are the times I’m asked a question that I don’t have an answer for, so it’s something I have to do some research on.



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